Branding & Creative

Branding is not an exact science. Its secret lies in authenticity and it’s what makes people choose. We use various techniques to go beyond words and capture the true essence of your business and bring it to light. Together we will fully assess your brand and seize the best opportunities to pursue.


A brand is a company’s most precious asset. As well as having to stand out among the noise and clutter, brands need to drive relevance, engagement and positively contribute to society.

It can sometimes be difficult for businesses and entrepreneurs to take a step back and make the right decision for their brand. At Bogali, we’ll listen to your needs and businesses challenges and guide you, step by step, through the “creative process” to ensure your brand performs and stands out among the crowded market space.

Branding Steps

1. Brand Audit

  • brand assessment
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • client interviews
  • get point of view on your brand
  • market analysis
  • observations and opportunities
  • benchmarking
  • your brand against the best
  • target audience
  • customer needs
  • state of mind

2. Brand Strategy

  • mapping of opportunity areas
  • brand platform
  • strong and relevant positioning
  • messaging
  • internal and external communications

3. Creative

  • creation of three creative concepts
  • client chooses preferred route
  • finalizing the brand
  • brand guideline development
  • on-going graphics
  • & communication

Web Design

A website says everything about a brand: it presents its image, defines its position and influences the sales. We create fully customized websites that truly reflect your brand and match your technical requirements. Using the latest platforms and technology overpass the limiting “ready-made” templates and frameworks. We are fully trained on the latest eCommerce and content management solutions and can adapt them to your web needs.

Our Projects

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vk*p business advisors

Riviera Lifeline